How to Attract More Customers for Your Online Coaching Business

Not really happy with the amount of business you attract to your doorstep? Want simple ways to boost your sign up rate? Then, these tips are for you:

First, I would suggest that you check your website and your blog. If you’re not attracting enough traffic, I would assume that there’s something wrong with these portals. Are they well-designed? Do they speak volumes about your capabilities and in-depth knowledge? Do they offer your visitors valid reason to stay? Are your visitors willing to share your website to other people? If you answered no to any of these questions, you’ll need to make some adjustments. Remember, your website is the face of your business. You cannot afford to make it look less perfect. I suggest that you hire expert web designers to help you out. Ask their opinion about the things that are not really working for both your business website and blog. Then, ask for their assistance when making changes or adjustments.

Be visible online. People who are looking for coaching programs are most likely to sign up with those coaches that they regularly see online. You would want to be one of those people. So, aside from advertising your programs through PPC and banner ads, be visible on forums, blogs, and other online communities as well. This means logging to these portals on a regular basis to answer questions, to share your in-depth knowledge, to discuss latest issues in your niche, and to share trade secrets. It is through this that you can prove to your prospects how much you know your chosen field.

Secure better page ranking for your website. It’s crucial that you get your website to get listed on the top 10 search page results. This is one of the keys to ensure that you’ll be found online. Know the latest algorithms of giant search engines and keep them in mind when you’re trying to make your website search engine-friendly. If you feel that you’ll need help, I would recommend hiring SEO experts so you can boost your ranking in as little time as possible.

Offer samples. Offering your potential clients with product samples can do wonders to your sign up rate. That is why, I recommend that you offer free eBooks or conduct free seminars. The key here is impressing these people all the way. Give them valid reasons to think that you’re one of the best coaches in your niche and that you have what it takes to help them out. I’m sure you’ll win their business in no time.

Have an edge over your competitors. It’s important to ensure that your programs are way better compare to those that are being offered by your competitors. Obviously, your prospects will choose to do business with you if they think that you can offer them more value for their money. Communicate your programs’ unique selling preposition or those things that set them apart from the rest when you’re promoting them in the online arena.


Leadership Success: Being A More Courageous Leader

Being in a leadership role is highly challenging. There are huge expectations of you from various stakeholders, both internally and externally. Against this backdrop it might be tempting to try and play it safe all the time. On the other hand, you know that you are ultimately judged on the results you deliver.

So how can you become a more courageous leader and achieve the results expected of you?

Tip 1: Realise It Is Not About You

Yes, while you are in a leadership role you are a huge part of the success that is achieved. At the same time, everyone can be replaced by someone else and what you contributed is easily forgotten. Focus on the organisational agenda and the results that are expected of you rather than on personal survival.

Tip 2: Learn To Keep Things In Perspective

Yes, what you do is vitally important and has an impact on others. At the same time, the decisions you make the majority of the time are not life or death. Being able to put your decisions into perspective can make a big difference. A simple technique is to ask yourself, “What’s the worst that can happen?”

Tip 3: Accept That You Will Make Mistakes

It is sometimes hard to accept that we will sometimes get it wrong. Yet we all know this is just reality. As long as you have done your best and had good intentions, then it is a learning process. We all know that in reality leadership is a life-long learning process.

Tip 4: Have A Bias For Action

Planning has its place and is important. At the same time, it is easy to fall into the trap of using planning as a delaying technique or to procrastinate. We all do it from time to time. By the same token, we know that when we take action we get feedback about what worked fully, what needs adjusting and what did not work. We can then use this feedback to get even better results in the future.

Tip 5: Don’t Forget Past Successes

We all have had them and, if you are a leader or aspiring leader, you have probably had many of them. Re-connect with these past successes and remind yourself what it was that created the successes. Once you have done this you can use those insights to once again get great results.

The Bottom Line: Leading is challenging and you are asked to take bold decisions and actions at times. Having the courage to take this action can greatly improve your success as a leader.


3 Steps for a More Mature-Sounding Voice

The number of adult voices I hear which sound like teenagers, preteens, or younger still is astounding. Add the familiar Valley Girl sound to the picture and you have an image which does not project maturity. I am not talking about sounding old. I am talking about a voice which you would call ageless.

If you were to phone me and did not know how old I was, you would be unable to tell if I was 25 or 75. Because my voice has had training and I have taken the stress or the pressure away from my throat and vocal cords, my voice is not aging as quickly as those whose voices have not had training – although the rest of my body most definitely is!

Your body has 5 vocal resonators. What this means is that when you speak, there are 5 cavities which should be used to vibrate and power your sound. These cavities include the voice box, throat, mouth, nasal passages and chest. Most people rely on only 4 of those cavities. Because the largest and most vibrant of those 5 resonating chambers – the chest cavity – is not being used, the resulting sound tends to be higher in pitch, thinner in quality, and most definitely young-sounding.

To change you voice placement, you must 1st learn to breathe with the support of your diaphragm because you need air in your mid-torso region to support your sound. Most people rely on the upper portion of their chest to breathe. This is unfortunate because this type of shallow or lazy breathing not only affects how you sound, but it also increases your tension or stress. (By the way, all mammals breathe with the support of the diaphragm. We humans are born breathing properly but as we develop we stop deep breathing and revert to upper chest breathing.

Your 2nd step is to find the optimum pitch of your voice which will be in the lower register of your vocal range. What this means is that your ‘real’ voice will most likely be deeper in pitch and fuller in quality, similar to that of Kathleen Turner, George Clooney, Felicia Rashad, Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie, and James Earl Jones.

When you are powering your voice in this manner, you will notice that you will be able to increase your volume without shouting and without hurting your throat because your chest cavity will be doing more of the work.

Your 3rd step is to make your new voice a habit so that you don’t have to think about it. How do you do that? Use your new sound as much as possible throughout your day, both professionally and personally.

You needn’t be stuck with a voice which sounds too young. Change your voice placement and you will be amazed at the difference in how you sound and the image you project.


How to Get More Done Starting Today

Things have been exceeding busy in my work and life the last several months.

From a personal standpoint, I have helped run three huge fund raisers and I have also been acting as campaign advisor for a friend of mine who is running for a city council position in the municipal election. I also hosted two huge parties at our house – one a family reunion (of sorts) and the other our annual pig roast and bocce tournament (usually with about 70 attendees).

From a business standpoint, I have been uber busy as my clients are all very busy, successful business coaches who are rolling out great new products and programs. And, I rolled out a new session of my own training program.

So there hasn’t been a lot of free time to speak of, and for much of the time I am either squeezing in some planning time, trying to grab some rest, or just running to catch up!

And as unconnected as all of these things seem to be on the surface, it is amazing to me how they have really so much in common.

Think about it – with any product or program launch, there is a strategy and a sequence of things you need to do to make it successful. Same for a fundraiser or an election campaign.

It’s all really just about planning. What is your goal? What are the steps that you need to take to get you there? How are you going to accomplish the steps? Do you need help? Who can help?

Talking through the whole strategy is the thing that will help you get to where you want to go. Talking through it with someone else will help you actually start getting things done.

I do this with my clients as well as with my students (and in my personal life where relevant!) and it really does snip up the whole ‘doing’ part into manageable pieces.

Trying to do everything at once never works, and definitely trying to get anything off the ground without a solid plan will take more of your time and energy than required.

So here’s how it works:

1. Set your goal – big or small, doesn’t really matter. Write it down.

2. Select your deadline – when do you want to get it done? Put a date on the calendar (use a pencil for the moment, but do this now!)

3. Break out the steps you need to take to achieve that goal. Write them down.

4. Look over your list of steps. Are any of them mini-goals that need their own action steps? If so, break those out as well.

5. Now select deadlines for each of the smaller steps/goals.

How does your calendar look? Is there enough time between each item so that you are not overwhelmed, but that you are moving forward every day?

How does your end deadline look? Still okay? Too close? Too far away? Make adjustments as necessary.

Now write it all out (in pen this time!) or set it up in a task management system. I use GQueues and Google Calendar. The key is to hold yourself to it! Or better yet, get an accountability partner to help you stay on track.

Another great tactic to help you stay focused on your action steps is to reward yourself for completing some of them. I find this works really well on the things that I am dreading doing! It can be anything from scheduled down time – lunch out with a friend? – to a small purchase just for you.


What Almost No One Knows About

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Another best factor that a person should make sure they have considered when they are selecting a kitchen remodeling service provider is the reviews which they have. A person should not just select any kitchen remodeling service provider simply because they have explained to a person what they do. It is better for one to ensure that they have visited the website of the kitchen remodeling service provider that they want to choose and get to see the reviews which they have received from the other clients that they have. The kitchen remodeling service provider that has been in that industry for the longest time is the one that a person should also consider, as they are usually experienced and such are known to be reliable and offers legitimate kitchen remodeling services.
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